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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

D-Panthenol or provitamin B5 consists of the reduced alcoholic form of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) to which it is preferred in the cosmetic field for the greater stability of the alcoholic form.


PRODUCT AVAILABILITY - thanks to an agreement with one of the major producers of D-Panthenol we are able to guarantee continuity in the supply of the product

COMPETITIVE PRICE - the highest quality is guaranteed

VERSATILITY - use in the formulation of products for hair care, skin care and nail care


SKIN CARE: It acts as an adjuvant in the repair of lesions, in the proliferation of cutaneous fibroblasts and in scarring, intensifying lipid synthesis. It improves the barrier function of the skin and gives elasticity. Ideal also for the treatment of sunburn, dermatitis, redness and nappy inflammation.

HAIR CARE: It is used in products such as shampoo, conditioner or masks to keep the scalp soft and soothe in case of irritation. It prevents dehydration and the fragility of the hair making it more hydrated and shiny. It is able to fix the water in the hair, favoring the regeneration and nutrition of damaged, brittle and dry hair.

INCI: Panthenol

Dosage percentage: 1-5%